The World’s Largest Jumping Castle

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Welcome to Jumbo Jump, the one-stop destination for an adventure-packed day! Immerse yourself in the thrill of bouncing, sliding, and laughing in the world’s largest bounce house.

Our inflatable wonderland is more than just big—it’s a universe of vibrant colors, exciting surprises around every corner, filled with endless fun! Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey where every jump brings a new level of excitement and joy.

The ultimate kid-themed bounce house with our jumbo characters! Packed with a ball pit, basketball corner, climbing tower, and a ‘knock you off’ playground, it’s four corners of pure, inflatable fun for our little adventurers!


What sets us apart? It’s not just our size—it’s the boundless energy and enthusiasm we infuse into every corner of Jumbo Jump! We’re a powerhouse of fun experiences, offering more than just bounces. Our vibrant atmosphere, ambient music, and friendly staff create an atmosphere where fun is the only rule. Come discover why we’re not just a bounce house but a thrilling escape for everyone seeking adventure and laughter.

Unlimited Fun

Joyful Atmosphere

Fun For All


Welcome to Toon Town, where
colossal characters and colorful
inflatables invite adventurers
into a world of endless fun!
With four corners of
excitement—dive into a giant
ball pit, shoot hoops, conquer
the climbing tower, and brace
yourselves for a playful chaos
in the knock-you-off playground!
Jumbo Castle, a colossal fortress
soaring 40 feet high, sprawling
across an epic 20,000 square feet,
is more than just a castle—it's
a pulsating kingdom of bounce
and exhilaration! This marvel
holds the crown as the world's
largest jumping castle, certified
by Guinness World Records! It's
a kingdom where gravity takes a
break, inviting adventurers of
all ages to bounce, leap, and
revel in a realm where fun
knows no bounds!
Experience the exhilarating rush
of the 'Jumbo Drop' slide, a thrilling
40-foot descent that adds an
adrenaline-pumping highlight to the
world's largest jumping castle.
Prepare for an unforgettable freefall
as you plunge down this towering slide,
offering an unmatched blend of
heart-pounding excitement and
gravity-defying fun within the
colossal inflatable wonderland!
Embark on the Titan Trail, a
heart-racing odyssey spanning
over 1000 feet of sheer adrenaline!
This high-octane obstacle course
is a hardcore cardio activity
designed to ignite your inner
titan spirit. Brace yourself for
a gauntlet of challenges that'll
push your limits and set your
heart pounding. With each hurdle
meticulously crafted, prepare
to conquer this epic journey,
showcasing your strength,
endurance, and unwavering

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Location: Next to Savour, Phase 8 Karachi.


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