Time & Date Policy


At Jumbo Jump, we are dedicated to providing you with a fantastic experience. However, unforeseen circumstances may arise that require changes to the scheduled time or day of our events. Please review our policy below for information on how such changes will be communicated and managed:


Our events are designed to be enjoyed in various weather conditions. We recommend checking the local weather report in advance and dressing appropriately for the scheduled event.

The safety of our participants and staff is our top priority. In the event of adverse weather conditions, unforeseen circumstances, or any situation that may pose a risk, we reserve the right to take the following actions:

  1. Postpone or Reschedule: If there are concerns about weather or other unforeseen events, we may choose to postpone or reschedule the event to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.
  2. Cancellation: In rare cases where the safety of participants cannot be guaranteed, we may decide to cancel the event. In such instances, we will make every effort to communicate the cancellation promptly.
  3. Alterations to Elements: To adapt to changing circumstances, we may alter certain elements of the event or specific sessions.


We understand the importance of timely communication in the event of changes. We will make every effort to notify ticket holders as soon as possible through one or more of the following channels:

  • Email: Ticket holders will receive email notifications regarding any changes.
  • SMS: Important updates will be sent via SMS to the contact number provided during the ticket purchase.
  • Social Media: Check our official social media channels for real-time updates. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.


We encourage all participants to stay informed about event updates and changes. You can sign up for updates by subscribing to our newsletter on our website or follow our social media pages.


We understand that schedule changes may inconvenience participants. In the event of a rescheduled or postponed session, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate participants who are unable to attend the new date or time.


For any questions or concerns regarding our Time/Day Change Policy, please reach out to us at info@thejumbojump.com or WhatsApp us at 03205862655

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.