Welcome to Toon Town, where
colossal characters and colorful
inflatables invite adventurers
into a world of endless fun!
With four corners of
excitement—dive into a giant
ball pit, shoot hoops, conquer
the climbing tower, and brace
yourselves for a playful chaos
in the knock-you-off playground!
Jumbo Castle, a colossal fortress
soaring 40 feet high, sprawling
across an epic 20,000 square feet,
is more than just a castle—it's
a pulsating kingdom of bounce
and exhilaration! This marvel
holds the crown as the world's
largest jumping castle, certified
by Guinness World Records! It's
a kingdom where gravity takes a
break, inviting adventurers of
all ages to bounce, leap, and
revel in a realm where fun
knows no bounds!
Experience the exhilarating rush
of the 'Jumbo Drop' slide, a thrilling
40-foot descent that adds an
adrenaline-pumping highlight to the
world's largest jumping castle.
Prepare for an unforgettable freefall
as you plunge down this towering slide,
offering an unmatched blend of
heart-pounding excitement and
gravity-defying fun within the
colossal inflatable wonderland!
Embark on the Titan Trail, a
heart-racing odyssey spanning
over 1000 feet of sheer adrenaline!
This high-octane obstacle course
is a hardcore cardio activity
designed to ignite your inner
titan spirit. Brace yourself for
a gauntlet of challenges that'll
push your limits and set your
heart pounding. With each hurdle
meticulously crafted, prepare
to conquer this epic journey,
showcasing your strength,
endurance, and unwavering